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Art commissions are individualized art requests made by you, for you.  Whether you're looking to design an original work, create a tribute to your favorite fandom character, or order that perfect gift for you or a loved one, your journey towards creating customized art work starts here.

Request a Commission

Please fill out this inquiry form and Alex L. Curi will get back to you
within 2-3 business days.

Thanks for submitting!



The artist will draw the following: fan art; original character art; hybrid creatures (mermaids, satyrs, etc.); anthros & furries; and agreed upon NSFW content. The artist will not draw the following: Mechas, robots, or cyborgs; modern weapons (assault rifles, bombs, etc.); or vehicles.


Requests for NSFW content with minors (including "aged-up" characters) will be denied. Requests that involves excessive violence and/or promote hateful or bigoted ideals will also be denied. Requests for content not listed in the "will draw" or "won't draw" categories will be considered. The artist reserves the right to deny any request.

​Initial deposits (50% of the total agreed upon commission cost) are non-refundable and are due prior to the start of the commission; payment will only be accepted through Square Invoice or CashApp.

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