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Whether you enjoy cute animal pictures, sardonic phrases, or something a little more elegant and surreal, art is for everyone.  Find joy in the little things by learning more about the products and services Alex L. Curi provides.

About the Artist

To learn more about Alex L. Curi and how they started

Commissions Info

If you are interested in a customized art piece

Alex's Curiosities

To explore the products in the online store


Directly contact the artist or sign up for the subscription list

Alex L. Curi is committed to creating a BIPOC, queer, and trans* friendly space.

Alex L. Curi is here to make art that represents and celebrates diversity
In alignment with this value, any hateful rhetoric or actions directed towards the artist, the products, or the visitors of this site will not be tolerated.  

If you or someone you know feels as if this safe space has been compromised,
contact our administrators.

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